they're pinned for a reason you know

I irrationally like the npm-check-updates package ncu. I wrote about it before too, when and why using might be useful. ncu is great with ncu --format group, but there is another feature you can use and combine.

--filterVersion is a flag you can pass, to , uh, filter versions. Why would you want that? Many modern starters default to pinned dependencies. That gives you some assurance they all work together in a well knwon state. You can update them specifically, together as a group, when you’re ready.

But the usual ncu workflow forces you into interactive mode so you can toggle those pinned dependencies back off. That’s where the --filterVersion comes in. Based on this Github issue, you can use --filterVersion to ignore any pinned dependencies:

ncu --filterVersion "/^[~^]/"

The regex syntax here is… too hard to read and impossible to remember. Consider creating an alias instead:

alias ncup='ncu --filterVersion "/^[~^]/"'

ncup, where the p is for pinned.

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